back in the blogging game.

back in the game

Well, here goes nothing! I’m back in the blogging game.

It has been about 3 years since I have blogged about anything really. A quick back story … many years ago (2011) I started a blog that tied back to my previous business THREE SPARROWS and I ran that up until I had my daughter in 2016. {I will share why I chose to close down my children’s wear label in a future post.}

I thought I would start blogging again as I found it a great way to visualise what inspired me, mood-boarding, sharing my own work and love projects as well as the random rant to get things off my chest. - Any lone wolf freelancer can relate to not being able to turn around to a colleague and have a good vent.

So first post back I’m keeping it short. I’d like to also like to share that I in no way think I am a writer, I barely passed English studies in high school (mostly because I had no interest in it and didn’t apply myself - Art class all the way) So my spelling will be bad and most probably all my punctuation, grammar etc etc … but at least the pictures will be pretty.


Ana Toth