Loopy Cases


Without fail I will get asked about my phone case every time I have it out. By friends, random strangers, wait staff, coles employees … every time!

I don’t have much of a story to tell apart from after YEARS of not having a cover on my phone and constantly being told I was playing with fire I smashed my old phone to smithereens, costing me a bomb to fix and it still not working so had to get a new phone …. #firstworldproblems … But I definitely learnt my lesson. Before my new phone even arrived I had researched and ordered what I found to be the best case on the market (this is not an ad by the way) My favourite part was the loop on the back because I just cant use those pop-out things. It’s the best thing especially when you have small hands juggling a toddler, groceries, stuffed animals, backpacks snacks etc. A hint to how I smashed my old phone. Plus it has like a 4ft drop and unless I’m throwing it up in the air or off a building I should be ok.

I don’t think too many people here in Oz know of LoopyCases and I have no idea why, they are awesome and ship to Australia too. They are a little on the pricey side for us with the exchange but you know what it’s a whole lot cheaper than paying for a repair/new phone…. check them out here!

Again, this is not an ad just a good find and don’t forget to check out more of my finds in the SHOP page.